A red thread traps us and at the same time shows us the way between one laugh and the next, through love follies and monsters to be defeated, between endless wars and marine adventures, between epic discoveries and absurd witchcraft we come to a hilarious end full of surprises …

This show is a wonderful opportunity to get a taste of two pillars of our culture, Myths and Commedia dell’Arte. The audience will make this double somersault effortlessly, in part because these characters and themes are deeply rooted in each of us and also because those who will accompany us on this trip are precisely the characters of Commedia dell’Arte with their masks, who, like the good comedians they are, tell any story in the most hilarious way. They will disguise themselves and put on makeup to put themselves in each different role: In the one of Zeus and in that of the Cyclops, but also that of the Minotaur, Ulysses, Oedipus, Medea, Orpheus …

It all starts with the introduction of Pantalone, the old man of Commedia dell’Arte, who will disguise himself as Zeus, revealing a little of what will be the game of the whole show, the theatre inside the theatre, the masked man who puts on a mask. We will be part of the most crazy and funny adventures of our mythical heroes, and will reveal another important element of this show, which is public interaction, an indispensable resource fully catch the audience and make everyone experience how much fun the theatre can be, and how much can become a learning tool at the same time.

This way, the audience will discover the secrets of our fascinating mythology, made of very human divinities and divinised heroic men, a world that is the basis of our western culture and consequently of our identity, a complex, articulated, but beautiful world that It is one of our most valuable inheritances.


a Teatro Strappato’s production

writen and directed by
Vene Vieitez

Cecilia Scrittore and Vene Vieitez

Original Masks by
Teatro Strappato