“the most audacious secrets of power”

Written and directed by Vene Vieitez

Musica written by Juan Miguel Murani

A coward warrior, like an ostrich, and heroic, like a dream of revolution; a beloved and stingy old merchant, a doctor, a tax collector and whatever for the proper practice of quackery, an eternally hungry naive and the oldest of all, the character that has made the history of the world with his own hands, the servant of all and of none.

Candles are lit, the musicians are up on stage and the show begins : each character gets on his wooden horse of the history of power carousel, they will steal each other´s scene, they will be up and down and when we will finally think that they have disappeared they will come back from the other side, with their cartwheels, their juggling, their convictions to go somewhere, always riding their horses in this eternal wooden swords fight… a new round of carousel starts again, and from the inside of this party of lights, colours and music, the audience will experience the essence of theatre, seeing that the tragic part of power is that everything is really a comedy.




*”Brass Souls” is a show for collaborations with Brass groups”

Written and directed by Vene Vieitez


Cecilia Scrittore

Vene Vieitez

Masks by:

Cecilia Scrittore and Vene Vieitez


César Desviat

César Cano